Panorama 4D

Characterized by X-ray department at Al-Qasi Medical Center, the availability of panorama 4D so it turns out, the bones of the upper and lower jaws, the bones of the nose, sinuses, jaw joints and bones surrounding the area. To the dentist and doctor Ear, Nose and Throat and neck taking a general idea and can comprehensive information about the health of the region and they are free of the ills and diseases that can cause problems or complications for the work that he does intend for the patient or the treatment and diagnosis


Proud of Department of Physical Al Qasi medical treatment center to provide high quality services under the supervision of specialists physical treatment for the diagnosis and treatment of pain and disability

Combine the expertise and knowledge of physical therapy specialists in order to carry out a detailed and thorough assessment and development of an integrated treatment plans for patients dear. We appreciate the degree of patients suffering from pain or disability, and are aware of the precious value of physical health in all areas of life, and we believe that maintaining physical health play a large role in maintaining mental health. For this, we will do everything we can to help our patients overcome the disease status and access to full recovery and exemplary life. versions of Lorem Ipsum.