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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dermatology and Cosmotology

Offers dermatology department at al-Qasi Medical Center, all services included diagnosis and treatment of problems related to the skin, such as infections and allergies, pigmentation disorders, immune diseases autobiography, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, as section provides surgeries Minor to remove malignant  and benign skin tumors and , as well as also therapeutic procedures cosmetic under the supervision of consultants dermatologist Dr.  Mohamed AL Marsoumi  from Iraq is a highly experienced and backed with the latest technologies

Basic services offered by the department include that

• Skin eruptions bacterial, viral and fungal diseases and allergic.

• Skin infections non-septic.

• Skin diseases in children, including the difficult and chronic cases.

• Sexually transmitted diseases.

• Skin tumors including melanoma skin cancer and Allamalanina.

• Scars and stretch marks.

• Hair and nail diseases including hair loss and baldness and alopecia kinds of problems


It provides orthopedic department of the Center for Qasi best medical consultant orthopedic surgeons Dr. FalahKhoja from Iraq with experience and competence on the international level, where he offers his patient the best levels of service and medical care on every day.

And is available in section counseling services, primary care and special services and selectivity, as well as conducting daily surgeries in the finest private hospital in Qatar.
And it works department since its inception interdisciplinary tasks in dealing with the daily challenges facing approach, and in order to achieve a high level of professional and professional work and patient satisfaction


Is a dental department at al-Qasi Medical Center, one of the main centers of the State of Qatar, where the teeth are available at the center special clinics equipped with modern equipment, fixtures seemed oral camera and digital X-ray and 4 D panorama colored  for dental system passing through the devices developed in the  bleaching by Laser and Manufacturing Messaging Compensation Ceramic

As well as the center provides high-end technology used in processors Sunni and oral jaw and carried out by the best consultants with smarter


There in the Department of Surgery and ear nose and throat in AL Qasi Medical Center best consultant’s expertise and high qualifications of trainers in the West. Where using the latest hardware and Advance machine for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose, ear and throat, head and neck, including allergies and disorders of the upper respiratory tract, in both adults and children of any age. And it works closely with other department of medical and surgical specialties to provide a multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders approach


The diversity of the field tests carried out by the laboratory between the test and blood tests, serology, microbiology, clinical chemistry, molecular biology, and science of surgical pathology and laboratory advanced technology and computers used, which accelerates the emergence of results and at reasonable prices, backed by the quality guarantee and the quality of supervision and to ensure the validity of the results and reliability.

Technicians working in the provision of quality, efficiency and trust services, and full and logical interpretation of the test results, which supports our commitment to the services that we offer a selection of qualified  staff receiving training and medical education continuously committed.

We have to issue more than 100 test set to examine the different membership, which includes every one of them a series of tests related systems, our goal of these groups to assist in the diagnosis and detection of diseases.

Proud of the laboratory department al Qasi Medical Center quickly routine in a few hours of receiving the sample, as  the required speed is not important for peace of mind just the patient but also for the doctor who is in order to treat the guest as soon as possible.

The diagnostic meet your needs is an important goal for us, so please contact us for additional information on services or certain tests you want it.


Al Qasi pharmacy offer the best medical services to patients dear, where Section team consists of the best qualified pharmacists, professional and licensed by the Supreme Council of Health, where the deal are friendly and professional, as workers provides the necessary instructions for using the drugs, and they are always ready to provide any medical advice especially with drugs when the guest asked.

Pharmacy and provides services around the clock, to all citizens and residents in the state and is not restricted to patients with the center, and the prices of medicines available in the pharmacy are the same as in any other pharmacy where prices are controlled by the Supreme Council of Health in Qatar.